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PREORDER ONLY! OxySerum™ Activated Oxygen Facial Serum

PREORDER ONLY! OxySerum™ Activated Oxygen Facial Serum

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WE ARE CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK BUT ARE ACCEPTING PREORDERS! Orders for this product can take up to 5 weeks to ship due to the ozonation process as well as the backordered fulfillments. It takes 5 full 24 hour days of continuous pure oxygen ozonation to make this incredible serum! A little goes a long way and it is worth the wait!

OxySerum™ Ozonated Facial Serum - 1 oz.

OxySerum™ is an activated oxygen moisturizer that is a seven-in-one serum. It replaces your toner, facial smoothing serum, eye serum, moisturizer, night cream, blemish treatment, and wound ointment.* It is activated oxygen infused into organic Jojoba oil with unfractionated essential oils. This combination makes OxySerum a highly cleansing, incredibly moisturizing, hypoallergenic, noncomedogenic, and free radical fighting super serum that is perfect for all skin types, including sensitive skin. It helps to increase oxygen supply to the skin, increase skin resistance to toxins, supports clearer pores, brightens skin, reduces fine lines, and smoothes wrinkles.*

Read the reviews below and you’ll see why it’s so incredible! Simplify your routine with OxySerum! 

DIRECTIONS: Rub a pea-sized amount onto freshly cleansed facial skin. 
Do not use with other products. Apply 30-60 minutes before using makeup or sunscreen. This is a highly detoxifying, activated oxygen serum. 
OxySerum™ activated oxygen serum will stay active for 12 months. If you are not using it regularly, keep it in the refrigerator or freezer. 

PURE INGREDIENTS: Fully Ozonated (O3) Organic Jojoba seed oil with pure unaltered Lavender, Cedarwood, Rose, Sacred Frankincense, and Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood™ essential oils.

Our organic Jojoba seed oil is from Israel and is infused with O3 (ozone).  There are zero fillers, preservatives, binders, stabilizers, or GMOs. 

We only use 100% pure essential oils that are never fractionated or rectified.

Use within one year of opening.

Note: Ozone oil may thicken up in colder temperatures (much like Sandalwood and Rose). Warm up a bit in hands if needed. 


No process in the body can function without oxygen. The human body performs best at 100% oxygen saturation. Humans are deprived of oxygen due to air pollution, shallow breathing, poor nutrition and junk foods, sedentary lifestyle, and even poor posture. Ozone is essentially an energized and activated form of oxygen. It helps restore the oxygen balance in and on the body.

Ozone (O3) is formed when one stable bond between two molecules of oxygen combine with a third atom of oxygen, which becomes a free-radical fighting powerhouse. Ozone can be used in many ways, but it is most accessible and effective in carrier oils such as jojoba, olive, and hemp oil. 

Topical Benefits of OxySerum*

  • OxySerum helps to activate the circulation of blood and oxygen supply to the skin.
  • OxySerum helps to increase skin resistance to harmful effects from the environment.
  • OxySerum supports clearer pores and reduces fine lines.
  • OxySerum allows for quicker detoxification and healing of skin tissue.
  • OxySerum helps to balance skin tone. 


* These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.







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