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Supplements: Immune Support

Supplements: Immune Support

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We are proud to offer practitioner supplements from PRL. These are ones we love that are not available from Young Living, such as bioavailable Iron, NAC, Glutathione, and more! These all work in synergy with your current Young Living Supplementation. Let us know if you have any questions!


  • Premier Immune and Cardiovascular Support*
  • Potent olive leaf extract coupled with a supportive    phytonutrient blend
  • Featuring Olea-Pro™ with standardized olive leaf extract containing 20% oleuropein
  • Plant-based formula suitable for vegans and vegetarians


ImmunoVen™ is a live-source, nutraceutical formulation featuring Olea-Pro™, a premier olive leaf extract (including the phytonutrient, oleuropein) coupled with the botanical support blend, Olea BotaniBlend™, making this unique formula exceptional for the immune system.

Finally, a premier quality immune formula that you can really count on! ImmunoVen™ features ultra-quality olive leaf extract which contains the natural phytochemical oleuropein, a phenolic glucoside that supports healthy immune function as well as G.I. and respiratory balance. This is a full spectrum phytomatrix formula, balanced with high value biocomplatible botanical agents.

The olive tree, botanically known as Olea europaea, is a small evergreen tree native to the Mediterranean area. It features leathery, grayish-green leaves that produce highly active eutrophic compounds that are capable of defending the olive tree against bacteria, fungi, and insects. The active nutrient in olive leaf is a highly active phenolic glucoside compound called oleuropein, the pharmacologically active constituent responsible for most of the leaf’s immune effects. Although we do not test for them, the olive leaf contains a full spectrum of Triterpenes and flavonoids -- including rutin, apigenin, luteolin and dismetin – as well as the compounds oleasterol, leine and glycoside oleoside. Use of the olive leaf extract has been widely cited and has been operative in herbal medicine since ancient times. Present-day herbalists advise olive leaf extract as a superb support for the immune system.

Experience the best! ImmunoVen™ is a live-source, nutraceutical formulation featuring a full spectrum premier quality olive leaf extract containing a minimum concentration of 20% oleuropein! Balanced with high value botanical support blend agents, just one capsule three times daily of this unique formula offers extraordinary benefits to support a healthy immune system.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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