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31 Oils

Book: 3rd Edition Vitality

Book: 3rd Edition Vitality

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The third edition of VITALITY is updated with the new terminology and is packed with new products and a fully updated and complete allergen list. Jen O’Sullivan is one of the most trusted resources for essential oil education with seven best-selling books on aromatherapy and one of the largest free educational groups available. This book will help all users, from first-time Premium Starter Kit owners to seasoned Young Living veterans. It will answer most of the questions you have and many you never thought to ask. This book will help you make the shift to a healthier lifestyle. It is filled with recipes and fun topics that will get you excited about the journey ahead. Included with this book are several online resources to help you grow. Here’s to a life filled with more wellness, more purpose, more abundance, and more vitality!

What Lucy Libido and Sarah Harnisch are saying:

“If you are looking for impeccable oil information or resources for teaching, look no further than Jen O’Sullivan’s VITALITY book. Jen is well known for her extensive knowledge of essential oils. The VITALITY book follows in the fabulous footsteps of her many other books and will likely become another favorite on your beloved oily bookshelf.” Lucy Libido, best-selling author of Lucy Libido’s “There’s an Oil for THAT” and “Betsy Bosom’s Baby Book”.

“Jen O’Sullivan has done it again! She is a master wordsmith and a powerful researcher. In VITALITY, she has put together an overview of every product Young Living carries as well as a free online class with graphics and text for 35 posts. She makes sharing easy! You have no excuses to not educate your friends when you use Jen’s materials! I will definitely be using this with my team! Jen’s resources are simple, powerful, duplicatable, and accurate. Share and grow!” Sarah Harnisch, best-selling Amazon author of “Gameplan” with more than 1.5 million copies sold, and her latest best-seller, “Fearless”.

Table of Contents: 



14 Top 10 Diffuser Recipes

15 Top 20 Bedtime Recipes

16 Top 10 Serum Recipes

17 Top 10 Roller Recipes

18 Additional Education

18 Books to Consider

18 Personal Commitment



19 Lessons Introduction


Lesson #1: The PSK

20 The Premium Starter Kit

20 How to Become a Member

21 The PSK Singles

22 The PSK Blends

23 The Diffusers


Lesson #2: The Basics

24 The Essence of Essential Oils

24 What are Essential Oils?

25 Carrier Oils

25 Toxins in Our Homes


Lesson #3: Usage

26 How to Use Essential Oils

27 General Safety

27 Hot Oils


Lesson #4: Getting Started

28 Tips to Get Started the Right Way

28 Detox and System Flushing

29 Choosing a Brand

30 How to Side-by-side Test for Purity


Lesson #5: Quality

32 Quality

32 The Four Types of Essential Oils

33 Authenticity

33 Seed-to-Seal

34 Purity Matters

34 Rectification

35 Fractional Distillation

37 Stewardship in Purity

38 Purity Tests

Lesson #6: Diffusing

40 Diffusing Benefits

40 Diffuser Tips

42 Cleaning Your Diffuser

42 Diffusing During Pregnancy

43 Bedtime Recipes


Lesson #7: Things to Share

44 Hosting a Party

44 Lavender

45 What is Sublingual?

46 When You Crave or Hate an Oil


Lesson #8: More Knowledge

48 Expanding Your Knowledge

49 Restful Sleep


Lesson #9: Consumption

50 Consuming Essential Oils

50 Vitality™ vs. Regular

51 Dispersing Oils

51 Oil & Water


Lesson #10: Pheromones

52 Exploring Pheromones

52 Stinky Feet

53 The 20 Minute Rule


Lesson #11: Emotions

54 Essential Oils and Emotions

54 Joy & Trauma

55 Living Anxiously

55 Sadness


Lesson #12: Head Support

56 Smart Spectrum™ CBD

57 Essential Oils and Our Head

58 Sacred Frankincense™ vs. Frankincense

59 Aroma Headaches

59 Eye Health



Lesson #13: Raindrop Technique

60 Raindrop® Technique

60 Raindrop® by Gary Young

60 The Raindrop® Kit

61 White Angelica™

61 The Base


Lesson #14: Layering

62 Layering Technique

62 How to Layer

63 Layering with Singles

63 Layering with Blends


Lesson #15: Roll-ons & Synergies

64 Making Roll-Ons

64 Blends vs. Synergies

65 Making Synergies


Lesson #16: Notes

66 Understanding Notes

66 Action Groups


Lesson #17: Pregnancy & Babies

68 Essential Oils & Pregnancy

68 Dilution Ratios

68 Use with Caution on Babies

69 Essential Oil Safety with Babies


Lesson #18: Medical Conditions

70 Essential Oils & Epilepsy

71 Essential Oils & Medication

71 Essential Oils & Grapefruit Juice

72 Essential Oils & Blood Thinners

72 Essential Oils & Chemotherapy

73 Essential Oils & Blood Pressure


Lesson #19: Oil Mapping

74 Oil Mapping

75 How to Oil Map


Lesson #20: Terrain Mapping

76 Terrain Mapping

76 Take a Life Photo

77 Biofeedback

78 Making Positive Changes

79 Is Coffee Making You Sick?


Lesson #21: Compliance

80 Understanding Compliance

81 What Exactly is Compliance

82 Learning in a World of Compliance

82 How to Share Compliantly

83 Over the Counter Products

84 Conscious Language


Lesson #22: Thieves®

86 The Magic of Thieves®

86 Fun with Thieves®

87 Get All the Thieves®


Lesson #23: Savvy Minerals™

88 Savvy Minerals™ Makeup

88 Purity & Cosmetics

88 Makeup Tips


Lesson #24: Face Support

90 Face Support

90 Great Skin

91 Detox with Water

92 Face Cleansing Routine

92 Face Carrier Oils

93 Face Supplements


Lesson #25: Facial Care

94 Facial Care Products

94 ART® Skin Care System

94 BLOOM™ by Young Living®

95 Other Face Care Products


Lesson #26: Babies & Kids

96 Seedlings™ Product Line

97 KidScents™ Product Lin


Lesson #27: NingXia Red®

98 The Wonders of NingXia Red®

98 What is NingXia Red®?

99 Wolfberries

99 Serving Size & Safety

100 NingXia Red® Infused Products

100 NingXia Nitro®

101 NingXia Zyng™


Lesson #28: Supplements

102 Supplements that Work

103 Targeted Supplements

104 Supplements Overview

118 Meal Replacement Supplements

119 Slique® Product Line


Lesson #29: Essential Rewards

120 Essential Rewards

120 Benefits of Essential Rewards

121 How to Sign Up


Lesson #30: Congrats!

122 Congrats, You’ve Finished!

122 Facebook Resources

123 Online Resources

123 App Resources

124 Printed Resources

125 Final Thoughts








       128 HOT WORDS


135 Index



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